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AGAT’YOU is a brand new collection of Agatha Paris, it is an entirely new concept in fashion jewelry. Alexa Chung, the popular fashion icon in UK and the West, is the brand ambassador of the AGAT’YOU collection by AGATHA Paris. Her striking personality is the inspiration behind this unique new range.

The AGAT’YOU collection has single and double wrap elegant bracelets in leather and silicon and delicate attractive slide charms in a wide variety of designs that glide on infinite combinations. There are around 200 slide charms in sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, with rhinestones, enamel and carved details in favorite girlish fashion motifs combined with geometric patterns. The collection is available at Dubai Festival City, Mirdif City Center, Mall of the Emirates, and Galeries Lafayette at Dubai Mall
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 Agatha Paris is giving away an AGAT'YOU Bracelet to a lucky reader of My Yellow Bells

Simply answer the questions below by leaving a comment on the comment box

1. Who is Agatha Paris new brand ambassador for its AGAT'YOU collection?
2. Name three malls where you will find AGAT'YOU Collection by Agatha Paris in Dubai?


Like My Yellow Bells Facebook Pagefollow me on twitter @MyYellowBells and answer the questions above by commenting on the comment box below.

Please leave your full name and complete e-mail address along with your correct answers. Please note that any incomplete details will be disqualified, be sure to read instructions carefully.

Accepting entries from May 29 to June 15. Winner will be announced here on the same space on June 16

Terms and Conditions
  • This contest is open for all residing in UAE only
  • Winner will be contacted through e-mail given on the comment box
  • Prize will be awarded in Dubai, place and time to be scheduled
  • Please bring a valid ID and the print-out of the e-mail sent to you. Only winners and not representative can claim their prize
  • Prize will be available to claim for a period of 1 month, otherwise will be forfeited.
Congratulations to the Winner!!!!!
Ms. Cheryl Lyn Viado

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It's Officially Summer

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It's officially summer in Dubai guys. Current temperature is 37 degrees highs of 41 and lows of 30. I felt the heat outside today, it burns my skin and the warm air is suffocating. Be sure to drink lots of water for hydration and bring something for a cover  like umbrella or pashmina, stay in the shade and have a summer haircut. Cho este Prince and Mica had their hair cut last Saturday. We wanted a new look for Prince and we ask the barber for a short hair for him, he looks so charming in his new hair style. Mica on the other hand wanted to have a fringe and a length that sits on her shoulders.

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First Batch of Winners in 100 Lucky Juans Cebu Pacific Promo to be Announced this Week!!!

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Have you submitted your entry already? The first batch of 7 winners in 100 Lucky Juans Promo of Cebu Pacific will be announced this week. If you have not joined yet you still have a lot of chances as this contest runs until August 18, 2013. To join simply "LIKE" Cebu Pacific Official Facebook Page, click on  100 Lucky Juans, and tell Cebu Pacific how you will make your home coming to the Philippines fun.

Entries keep on coming and I already have a few favorites. Here are some of the top rated entries so far 

As I look at each of the entry and read some of the essays, I can't help not to feel sad and proud mainly because many of the entries speak truth of the true feeling of an OFW, the longing for the family while far from home and their LOVE for them. They talk of the sacrifices they are willing to make just to give their loved ones a better life. Actually it's the loneliness and homesickness that makes it hard to work abroad, not the work load or the bosses. (Okay okay the bosses too :P) "Sabi nga mas mahirap kalaban ang lungkot." 

As an OFW I know that feeling, I always miss my mom and get worried when her health is not in tip top shape. It makes me sad that I am not able to spend our lives living together because we are here in the UAE and raising a family. I couldn't force her to come here because it bores her to stay at home all day while I am at work and it makes her weak to stay idle, she's a very active woman. Going on vacation once a year and spending more time together helps alleviates our sadness and longing for each other. 

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Tom Cruise Cleaning Style

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This is the view from our office window that greeted me this morning. Two cleaners cleaning  the glass window panels of our building. High rise window cleaning is dubbed as 1 of 5 of the most risky jobs in Dubai as per the poll conducted by a local newspaper. Look at this short video I took, by the looks of it is really a pretty scary job but the cleaners makes it look easy-peasy doing it.

We have been waiting for them actually because after the rain and sandstorm that hit Dubai  last month, our office windows are filthy.

These two workers are hanging from a 28 floor building. Although it looks very hazardous, window cleaning companies follow strict municipality regulations on safety. Cleaning companies also use state of the art technology and comply on municipality guidelines.
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When the journey is all that matters

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When I was a kid, I dreamed of riding an airplane. Whenever I see a plane in the sky I wish that I was on that plane. Imagine me waving at an airplane in the sky, a thousand feet above me, like a girl lost in an island, screaming for the plane to come down and get me. It is fun silly and all the kids my age are doing the same.

When I flew to Dubai in December 2002, that dream came true. I was thrilled to take the plane ride. At the boarding gate, I can’t wait to get into my seat and for the plane to be airborne.  After several years and several vacations in the Philippines, I am still ecstatic to ride a plane. It gives me a different high. My first plane was Cathay Pacific, the second was Emirates Airlines and I have also tried Malaysian Airlines, among this three, Emirates Airlines has given me the best flight experience ever.

Emirates Airlines is the only carrier that offers straight flight from Dubai to Manila but during peak season like Christmas and New Year or Graduation time in March and April, seats are scarce and prices are skyrocketing. You need to book as early as March if you plan to go for the yuletide holidays and get the fare right for your budget. Another airline that flies straight to Manila is Etihad Airlines but people in Dubai still need to travel to Abu Dhabi to take that plane. Fly Dubai is the budget carrier of the UAE that flies to many destinations but unfortunately Manila is not one of them. When the news came out that Cebu Pacific will start providing long haul budget flights from Dubai to Manila, everyone in the Middle East was rejoicing.

Cebu Pacific, the largest national flag carrier of the Philippines is offering the lowest year round Lite Fares for its destinations. There are 34 domestic destinations and hub in Manila, Cebu, Clark, Iloilo, Kalibo and Davao.  It can take you anywhere in the Philippines sometimes for as low as 1 peso with their Piso Seat promos. The launch of international flights in 2001 gave a chance for  Filipinos to travel abroad for shopping and sightseeing in places like Bangkok, Bali, Beijing, Brunei, Busan, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Incheon (Seoul), Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Osaka, Shanghai, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taipei and Xiamen where Cebu Pacific flies.  Their year round Lite Fares is also one of the reasons why many Filipinos are able to see more of the Philippines with style as it is the first local airline to introduce e-ticketing, pre-paid excess baggage and seat selection. Flying with Cebu Pacific can be fun with its on board games and their Smile In-flight Magazine is a charmer. 

Cebu Pacific is taking this wonderful flying experience to a higher level as they introduce Dubai as their first long haul destination. It will cater to 700,000 Filipinos living and working in the UAE and it is also a welcome relief for over 2 million Filipinos in the Middle East. Having a budget airline carrier to fly to Philippines on a straight flight means more family time, more island hopping time and more fun time.  I used to say to a Lebanese colleague, that if only Philippines is as near as Lebanon as to Dubai and the fares are much more affordable, I will come home more often and  probably I’ll be in Philippines for all the fiestas, birthdays, weddings, baptism, graduation, reunions, lent, Christmas and New year and maybe even on November 1. With Cebu Pacific's ticket prices at AED 499 or PHP 6,999 one way (Dubai to Manila), you will surely never miss any important occasion with your family anymore. Your flight experience will also never be the same again because Cebu Pacific's international flights offers pre-ordered Hot Meals with our all Pinoy favorite Beef Caldereta (Filipino beef stew), Bistek Tagalog (beef chuck cooked in lemon and spices) and Chicken Adobo. In-flight Wi-Fi will also be available and not just that, you can also go shopping for fun and luxurious products such as cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, toys, chocolates and liquor on its on-board Duty Free store so pasalubong (presents) is not a problem.

This baby is Cebu Pacific’s newest fleet member. A brand new 436-seat Airbus A330-300 will soon be ready and will be used for its Dubai-Philippines flight. Eight of these airplanes will be lease to serve Dubai initially then after other destinations like Europe, US and Australia as Cebu Pacific plans to expand its long haul flights.

Cebu Pacific maiden flight from Dubai to Manila is on October 7 and they are giving away free 100 return tickets to 100 Filipinos in the UAE to take its first flight. Joining is simple just LIKE their Facebook page and look for 100 Lucky Juans promo to enter the contest; runs from 13th May to 18th August. 

This is a sponsored post by Cebu Pacific
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My building in Sharjah was on fire this morning!!!

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What are you going to do if your building was on fire? Nothing...

because we did not know, we couldn't do anything, we were sound asleep when the rest of our neighbors were rushing down to evacuate the building and save their lives. We are so shocked because the fire alarm did not go off and no one knocked on our doors to evacuate. This report on the local news paper this afternoon is our building on fire at 3:30 am in the morning today. We only learned that we had fire on the building after we have seen two gutted cars parked outside of our apartment in Sharjah early this morning. We are angered by this because we have three children at home, imagine what could have happened. The fire was on one corner of the building in the 7th floor, we are on the 5th floor on the other side. Thanks God there were no casualties reported and the fire was put off immediately by the civil defense team. The real cause of the fire is not yet determined.

Just recently, we have renewed out lease contract with the NEW real estate management and they promised that we will see big improvement on the building. Actually we are slowly seeing the improvements that was promised when they changed the front glass doors that was long time broken, a new cleaning company is coming everyday to clean the common areas and yesterday they started replacing the ACs and then suddenly boom...ayun FIRE in the building. This building was very poorly maintained by the previous real estate agent, I don't want to elaborate more but we cannot let this happen anymore, we must make sure that the building is fire safe and to the new management, I hope that you are exerting all efforts so that this incident will never ever happen again. 
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Reading corner for the kids room

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It took us sometime to continue decorating the kids side of the room because of the issues in the lease contract renewal with our old landlord and now that it is finalized and we are settled with the new landlord, we were able to do just exactly what we planned for. Yesterday, we were able to finish adding a bookshelf in the bare wall next to their bunk bed.



Adding a reading corner for the kids and displaying their favorite bed time stories encourage them to read more. We used three spice racks we got from Ikea for AED 11 each. I still need to add lighting for Prince though. Ikea is on part sale right now so if you need extra decor for your home, it is time to go there for cheap finds. 

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Royal Hand Prints

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While we were preparing the kids to go to bed, my daughter looked at her palms and then asks to see mine. The lines on our palms are completely different and even those of my son are different from mine too. I thought that they might haven gotten it from their dad so we all looked at his hands and they are almost just like the kids but none are the same.

Interestingly, I saw this art work from the DIFC Corporate Art Collection displayed at the entrance of The Gate Building in DIFC the other day. These are the royal hand prints of the Ruler of Dubai and of his children.

I cannot read Arabic so I don't know which one is of HE Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum but I am only guessing that the one in the last row on the lower left is a woman's hand because it is slender and probably it's the Sheikhs only daughter HH Sheikha Maitha. I also noticed that the hand in the middle is a left hand while the rest are all right hands. Can you see which ones have the same lines? I think none.

These hands are the hands of the leaders who shaped Dubai, the beacon of success, the guiding light towards a brighter future of the city. Did you know that in 2007, Zabeel Investments auctioned the artistic handprints of the Al Maktoum Family for Dubai Cares? You can read it here and here. I am just not sure if this is the same art piece.

This is a very nice piece of art and very good idea for families for a personalized art work for your home.  Palm print kits are available in art stores.
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Mothers Day 2013

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I received two greeting cards from Mica on Mothers Day and a happy mothers day song from my three year old son Prince in the tune of happy birthday song. I got big hugs and kisses from both of them and a greetings on FB from my husband and tons of greetings from all my friends. A big thanks to all of you.

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How to make your homecoming to the Philippines fun?

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Planning your holiday to the Philippines? Is your company paying for your airfare or are you paying it from your pocket this time? In case you are paying it yourself, why pay it when you have a chance to have it for free. Yes FREE!!! Read below carefully.

In the UAE, expatriates are privileged to have an annual leave of 20 working days or 30 calendar days every year however airline tickets can be given yearly or every two years, there are also some people who get it every six months.

Cebu Pacific is running a contest on their Facebook page called 100Lucky Juans starting today May 13 and will be giving away 100 free return tickets to Filipinos based in the UAE for its first ever flight from Dubai to Manila on October 7. All you have to do is to tell Cebu Pacific in a video or photo collage or 200 word text/essay format how you will make your homecoming to the Philippines fun. 
 That actually triples the fun because not only do you get to plan a perfect vacation in the Philippines, you’ll also get the chance to win your airfare for free and witness history unfold by being one of the 100 Filipinos to fly with Cebu Pacific from Dubai to Manila on its first ever flight. (That story is worth telling everyone) J

Entries will be accepted until August 18, 2013 so submit your entries now and start winning. You will be asked to enter some of your personal details after you have uploaded your entry so that they will be able to contact you if you win. Remember, you must be 25-65 years old, a subscriber of GMA Pinoy TV and have a valid work permit in Dubai.

You must be feeling very excited when you think of your vacation, who doesn't? Are you thinking of the things you wanted to do in the Philippines with your family and friends? Are you salivating about the food you would love to savor with them? Are you dreaming of the places you might want to take your parents, kids and siblings? Are you lost in all the things you are missing about the Philippines? So am I. 

I still remember our month long vacation in the Philippines last 2011, it was oozing with awesomeness. It was loaded with entertainment, friends and family time. It was me and my kids first time to attend my husband's family reunion and I can say that they are a group of very happy and fun loving people. We took the kids again to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna for ride all you can rides, we visited the Butterfly Haven in Pulilan where we get up close and personal with live butterflies and we also visited Barasoain Church for some historical and cultural enrichment, went horseback riding in Tagaytay for some action, joined my hubby in a reunion with his HS classmates and laugh our hearts out as we go clubbing at Punchline Comedy Bar and dine out with them at Shakey's Restaurant, Christmas and New Year was celebrated with a bang with our family and I ate all the Filipino food my heart desires. It was such an amazing time I/we wanted to do it over and over again.

If words are not enough then maybe the pictures can do it better. Do you recognize these photos? These places could be one of your destinations with your family when you go on your vacation and Cebu Pacific can take you there.

Philippines is our country, Philippines is our home, where ever we are in the world we all still want to come home one day. When we aren't ready to go home just yet, we love to go for a short vacation to see our family and friends; it is a refresher for the lonely and the homesick.

This is a sponsored post by Cebu Pacific
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Win 100 Cebu Pacific Round Trip Tickets to the Philippines to see your Kapuso

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We are not going on vacation to the Philippines this year yet again, our last vacation was in December 2011, we missed 2012, we have plans to go this December 2013 but we cancelled it due to some unforeseen circumstances. Our last vacation in the Philippines was completely awesome, we had the best time with our family spending Christmas and New Year. Over to you, when was your last vacation and are you going home this year?

I know that not all Pinoys based in the UAE are able to go home yearly just like us, I am aware of that fact and everyone has their own reasons. Whatever your reason is, probably it is not in your hand or your decision not to go have a story behind it. Whatever it maybe is all that matters. I am sorry I am becoming too dramatic here. Let’s just go down to business shall we because I have very good news for you today.

If you will remember there was a news article about Cebu Pacific announcement of direct flights between Dubai and the Philippines starting October 7 published in a daily paper in the Emirate. Also they had a seat sale last January 17 to 20, 2013 giving away 3000 seats for as low as Php 888 LITE Fare and seat sale is valid for trips on October 7, 2013.

If you missed it and I missed it too, there is no need to fret because you still have your chance here; a chance to see your family in the Philippines this year. No I am not kidding, it's true.

I am actually so excited about this contest and I cannot contain my excitement so I want you all to know about this and get excited too. ARE YOU READY?

What do you say about FREE trip to the Philippines from UAE to visit your family? Yes you read that right


Be one of the 100 lucky winners!!!

Cebu Pacific is proud to be the only Filipino carrier to fly direct from Dubai to the Philippines and they are giving away "100 Lucky Juans" based in the UAE a chance to fly home absolutely free! 

Joining is simple, please follow these steps

1. Participants must like Cebu Pacific Facebook page.
2. Click here and you will be directed to 100 Lucky Juans Promo Facebook app 
3. Once you are in the page click Enter Now to join
Everything you need to know about the contest is in the app that looks like this. 

TThere will be 7 lucky winners each week for the first 12 weeks and 16 lucky winners in the last two weeks making that a total of 100 Pinoys from the UAE who will have the chance to see their family by October 7. 

Mechanics of the contest was posted on GMA International and Cebu Pacific’s website and official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Mechanics plugs also started airing within commercial gaps of GMA Pinoy TV – Middle East, Europe, and North Africa last May 1, 2013.

In the UAE, entries can be submitted from May 13 to August 18, 2013, open to all Filipinos age 25-65 and subscribers of GMA Pinoy TV. All winners will be announced on air within commercial gaps of GMA Pinoy TV - MENA airing, will be posted on Cebu Pacific Official Facebook page and will be notified via phone call and e-mail.

A little tip for you before submitting your entry
Your entry will be judge according to the following criteria
1. Adherence to the theme ("How will you make your home coming to the Philippines fun?")
2. Creativity (try to be as creative as possible)
3. Length of stay in Dubai, UAE (without coming home to the Philippines) (don't you think I qualify to this one?)
4. No of likes of entry on Cebu Pacific Facebook account so tell as many friends as possible about your entry

I might not be able to join this contest (not sure) but even if I don't, I still feel that I am already a winner. Having our own airline bringing Filipinos in and out of the UAE is something I am very proud of. Not to mention that Cebu Pacific offers economic fare that suits every Juan’s budget. Also did you know that Cebu Pacific is utilizing a brand new plane for Dubai-Philippines flights? That's too much of good news eh? Ok let me stop talking now to let you start your quest to winning that trip ticket to see your loved ones this coming October. 

This is a sponsored post by Cebu Pacific

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The Faces behind the Voices of Tag 91.1

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Have you ever wondered who are the Filipino RJs (Radio Jockeys) of Tag 91.1 you are listening to everyday here in Dubai? Me and my husband used to think that Maria Maldita voice with her Uwian Na with Maria Maldita show sounds like it's coming from a huge frame. Another friend said he is falling in love with Louie Da-Costa of Gandang U-maga with Daddy Bluebird because she has a very beautiful and enchanting voice. To stop assuming, the ever curious me searched for them to put a face behind the voices.

Behold I introduce to you Ms. Maria Maldita (photo credit) (sorry ha sexing sexi pala si Madam) hehehe :)

Louie Da-Costa

Daddy Blue/Bluebird

and Chikay

They are our daily companions on air in Dubai who plays all the songs we love and give away a lot of things in their daily contests. (sana manalo nman ako minsan). Want to know more about them? You can read their profile in the website here
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