Atelier M

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If the Gate Village in DIFC has La Petite Maison and Downtown Dubai has La Serre, Dubai Marina's Pier 7 has Atelier M.

Atelier M is an exclusive, soulful, multi-level dining and lounge restaurant serving French culinary masterpieces with modern Asian and Mediterranean twists. The same transcends to its interior and decor where each element is carefully and skillfully put together to create this awe-inspiring classic art deco setting.

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Thailand Toursim Iftar Dinner at Kris Kin Restaurant With A View

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This was our breathtaking panoramic view from Kris Kin With A View Restaurant at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Karama Dubai during the Middle East Travel Professionals and Media Iftar dinner hosted and organized by the Tourism of Thailand (Dubai and Middle East) in cooperation with the Royal Thai Consulate General - Thailand Trade Center Dubai and Thai Airways.

Kris Kin Restaurant With A View serves irresistible Pan Asian specialties. Taste and experience the combination of greatest culinary traditions from Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Arabia.

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Cheap Eats in Dubai: Shawarma

Shawarma in Dubai cost between 3-5 AED or 1-1.5 USD per sandwich. One is enough to fill you or two if with a bigger appetite. Usually shawarma are sold at cafeterias you can find around the city. You can also have shawarma in restaurants but if you want an authentic experience I bet you will enjoy it most street style, the way it should be. It is dubbed as the city's best snack. One can never really call oneself a true blue Dubai resident if you haven't eaten shawarma coz it is a staple food over here. If you're a tourist, then it is a must try.

Shawarma stalls in Dubai opens at night only except of course those in the mall or the restaurants. Shawarma comes with slowly roasted beef or chicken, with some lettuce or cabbage and parsley, then drizzled with tahina sauce before it is wrapped in pita bread (kubus) or with flat bread. I like mine wrapped in flatbread persian style just like what you see in this picture.

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Banana Split Sandwich

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Midnight snacking is not our thing but last night the husband and I came home late due to some important errands. The kids are still up waiting for us.

My daughter got hungry and ask me for some snacks. I was also feeling a little hungry myself since we had shawarma for iftar which was around 7:15pm

I saw this very easy banana split sandwich recipe from a cooking show on tv and I have just the right ingredients available at home. It is quick, easy, healthy and super delish.

You have to try this, I swear you'll forget your name on the first bite :D I was surprised that hubby and the kids love it, will definitely make another batch of this next time.

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Al Souk - Sharjah

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Yesterday's lunch was grilled king white salmon we got fresh from the Sharjah fish market. Every time we go there to buy fresh fish and seafood, there is this magnificent structure on our way that is inevitable not to be noticed at all. It is Al Souk or the Gold Souk which is one of Sharjah's pride and beautiful buildings.

If you wonder what's inside this humongous awe-inspiring twin building, let me tell you.

One is the gold souk where you can shop and haggle for some pretty intricately designed jewelry pieces all hanging and loosely displayed glistening by the glass window of each shop. The other building is a trading market for electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and a lot more. In case you feel hungry while shopping, there is a small food stalls/cafeteria inside to sit and eat while you contemplate whether which necklace or earring to buy.

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In Dubai even the tunnels are pretty too!

One more week of fasting and Ramadan will be over and you must be planning for your Eid holidays by now. It is also one week left before everything gets back to normal and when I say normal it includes working hours and the dreadful traffic we battle everyday to and from our workplaces in Dubai.

One day of getting stuck and board in traffic for two hours, maybe almost 30 minutes only at the Dubai Airport Tunnel helps me find something to while a way the time.

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Iftar at Kenza Restaurant-Ramada Downtown Dubai

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The Iftar dinner hosted for the media that we have attended at Kenza - Ramada Downtown Dubai however minimalist never fall short on taste and presentation. Everything was delicious and delightfully filling.

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12 Tips to Make the Most Out of Ramadan

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Hi, beautiful people of the UAE and the world, I know it's been a while, I've been busy at work and was enjoying my mommy duties.

I missed you. How is your life going on? I hope things are well with you and those who surround you.

We are halfway the Ramadan month but I know 15 days is still a lot. Even I am not fasting I limit my lunch at work to only sandwiches and eat in the enclosure of our pantry, well sometimes I don't eat at all. Most of the people at my workplace are Muslims who fast. I respect them and I don't want to be a reason for temptation.

Fasting is not easy and it requires great self-control and discipline to do so. People who fast must be careful and should remember several things to make fasting a success. Here are a few tips to make the most out of Ramadan.

This infographic is brought to you by Listerine Middle East
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Grand Iftar Buffet at Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana

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On the second day of Ramadan, I was invited at a press and blogger Iftar dinner buffet.

Iftar or "breakfast" refers to the evening meal when fasting Muslims break their fast at sundown. It is one of the religious observance of Ramadan and it is done with the family or with the community.

Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana lavishly prepares sumptuously rich Iftar meals every night for the whole month of Ramadan. Join them for Iftar for AED 149/person or Suhoor at AED 100/ person and get a chance to be one of the daily lucky winners with weekend stays and meal vouchers for 2 or be the grand prize winner of 2 business class airline tickets with Turkish Airlines.

I arrived thirty minutes early for Iftar at Liwan. The facade of the restaurant was in silhouette as the sun shines behind the stained glass which gave it this golden glow.

Inside Liwan, the setting sun was in all its splendor

Tables are set exquisitely with candles already burning inside brightly colored brass lamps, silky red table runners and a wooden box filled with nuts and dried fruits, sumptuously looking dishes are served and last minute preps are made while waiting for Maghrib prayers to be followed by breaking of the fast.

the staff pouring some olive oil into the humus 
He was snap happy while showing me this enormous cylindrical tray of lamb ouzi before anyone else could lay their forks in it.

When we're about to start with the cold mezze and appetizers we have gathered on our plate, this gentleman approached us to serve some steaming hot Arabic coffee and dates.

Then I remember how my brother used to break his fast. He will eat two or three dates and drink some milk first. He would wait for five minutes or so before having a proper meal. He said dates have natural sugars and it keeps the blood sugar on normal levels once you break the fast and it is gentle on the stomach.

I love dates even the fresh ones but I confess that this is the first time (there is always a first time) I am tasting Arabic coffee. I should say that dates and Arabic coffee goes well together, just like chocolates, they're both bitter and sweet.

On with our appetizers, my friend Roselle of Kero's Celebration and I shared a plate of cold mezze (moutabal and tabouleh), labneh balls with zaatar, fattoush salad, some maki rolls and sliced fresh vegetables.

The expansive restaurant was completely dressed and beautifully accessorized in Arabian theme with wooden camels, brightly colored Moroccan style brass lamps with candles lit inside it, spices in woven cloth buckets, golden lamps in different sizes and staff wearing traditional Arab clothing.

The restaurant was already buzzing when we got up for our second plate. Also live Arabic music is being played on the background

chicken kadai, Iranian mix grill, baked chicken w/ haara, green beans and cauliflower, spring roll and labneh filled pastry
There was so much to chose from, they even had a shawarma station

Dessert was a gorgeous display of cakes, pastries and Arabic sweets.

Iftar at Liwan was made even sweeter bonding with friends and meeting new ones that I only get to meet online. Finally shake hands with Ion Gonzaga of Boy Dubai and Mitz of Mitzee Mee. I didn't know PinayFlyingHigh was also there, would love to meet her too.

Thank you Ferry for inviting us, I had such a wonderful night. Love this photo of selfie with the bloggers

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This post should have been up here a long time ago but every time we eat at Applebee's, I never had any blog worthy photos to post up here.

So on the next couple of times we ate at this American casual dining joint, I tried to take better photos of the food and the restaurant.

They had their interiors redesigned and I like it more this time because the ambiance is fresh and fun. They removed many memorabilia that used to clutter the walls and replaced them with photos framed nice and neat. They kept that signature wall murals though showing the best of both worlds which I find really cool.

The two photos above are taken in two different occasions and location. The first was in Dubai branch where me and my colleagues had our lunch one Thursday and the second was in their Sharjah branch last Father's Day to celebrate our dads day.

Applebee's have big servings so ordering three different dishes is good enough to share with this two hungry birds whether it is a salad or a starter.

Lunch break is just one hour so we wasted no time and ordered our food fast. We had burger slider, fiesta salad and poblano pasta. This fiesta salad is true to its name. It is not only colorful, there is so much texture in it.

The burger slider was fantastic, the beef patty was freshly made and it was sooo juicy. I promise that I'll come back only for their real big burgers next time.

Do I need to say more for this pasta dish? Look at those prawns, yum.

Wanna have lunch/dinner, they have this ongoing promotion.

We are too full to have dessert but if you are visiting, these are worth dunking your forks into

They have great sangria s too, this was mine, the red apple

Closer... did you notice something?

These two sangria photos were taken in different times but as you can see it is my favorite, and I order it all the time, isn't it pretty?

Fathers Day cannot be ignored especially when it is the only topic on your Facebook wall for almost three days and nothing else. lols!

Of course we took the man of the house to Applebee's for a treat. Unlike the hurried lunch I had with my colleagues, this out dinner is at leisure, unhurried and slow and fun.

When you eat at Applebee's this sampler tower is a must, best shared with family or friends and it's really delicious, that boneless BBQ wings is a winner. You can actually build your tower sampler if you like with starters of your choice.

Our food came in big servings, just look at these plates.

This one's my daughters - Mac N Cheese

My sister-in-law ordered Parmesan crusted chicken and pasta

Prince ordered burger slider.

The celebrant had 7 oz sirloin cooked medium well with mushroom sauce (not pictured). I didn't order anything for myself because the burger slider have three mini burgers which Prince cannot finish and we also had that sampler tower for our starter. I knew that we will have enough food to share.

Dessert was moist chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream with five spoons, I shoot and we demolish.

Happy daddy, happy tummy and happy family.

Oh, I haven't tried that real big burger yet so yeah I'll be back...soon.
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Free Summer Getaway with Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson

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The heat is on and summer in the UAE is in full swing.  

School summer vacation also started a week ago which means an extra hour of sleep for me and a less chaotic commute to work for us.


Who wouldn't want to escape to this? 

So have you planned your summer holiday yet? I haven’t but I should, soon.

Since the kids are off from school and summer in the UAE is that time of the year when we get the best hotel rates and offers here.

Actually even if you haven’t planned yet just like me, Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson have got us covered with “The Big Summer Giveaway”

Receive a scratch card for a complimentary one night stay in any of their nine hotels within the UAE with every AED 500 you spend on food and drinks at Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, and Radisson Royal restaurants from 1st July to 31st August.

The hotel where you get to stay for free is mentioned on the scratch card as well as the month when you can actually redeem it.  Booking must be made directly from the given hotel and room is subject to availability. 

This is a sponsored post.
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