Hello Kitty's Jungle Party Show

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Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is one of the best time of the year where kids can enjoy a lot of freebies that the organizers prepare for the young minds and the young at hearts. I am a fan of Hello Kitty since I was a little girl and when I learned that Hello Kitty is having a series of shows in Dubai Mall, I immediately planned the weekend where I can take my little girl Lanna and three of her cousins to see the show. We are thrilled and happy to see Hello Kitty and her friends perform on stage. After the show the kids had the chance to take a souvenir photo with Hello Kitty and Mr. Daniel.DSC04186DSC04191

For all those who love Hello Kitty, the show is FREE for all Dubai Mall visitors. It is running until July 22, 2009. Shows are at 5:30 pm, 7:30 pm and 9;30 pm; Thursdays and Fridays. Take your kids and have fun without spending so much. Enjoy :)
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Anthurium-Indoor Plants

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Last month, we bought an Anthurium plant from Ace Hardware at Dubai Festival City. I really wanted to put an indoor plant to add color and life in our home. One pot is quite expensive as it cost AED 59.00 and I can only buy 1 pot at that time. We also bought 2 more pots (AED 6) and a sack of soil (AED 10), the reason I bought these extras is because I am already thinking of propagating the plant. I checked the Anthurium pot and there is enough healthy shoots ready to be separated into new pots. I did it once we reached home.

DSC04019DSC04014Now instead of one I have three pots, I already save AED 96.oo by just doing the propagation of the plant myself. I have a green thumb so as my dad always told me. Whenever i plant something it always thrive. I kept 2 pots of Anthurim with me and I gave the 3rd pot to my mother-in-law as a gift. Isn't it wonderful? I saved a lot of money and it is really fun doing things yourself. You can also do the same thing. Try it now. If you dont like anthurium you can opt for other indoor plant species that can be easily propagated.

Now the challenge is to keep the Anthurium flowering.
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Qatar Airways and Jumeirah Beach Hotel Recruiting Pinoys

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This is an announcement:

1. Qatar Airways is looking for Female Cabin Crew - open link below to see full details

2. Jumeirah is coming to Philippines-Read e-mail below for your reference

Dear Colleagues

Next week Jumeirah will be visiting the Philippines for a recruitment trip . We will be visiting Manila on 17th ,18th ,19th & Cebu on 20th ,21st August.

If you have friends or family who would like to work for Jumeirah please feel free to advise them of our visit, we would be pleased to meet them!

If they would like to apply they should contact our agent in the Philippines as below. The agent will then advise them of criteria, dates, venue, times etc.

Allied International Manpower Services, Inc.
Suites 201/603 , VIP Building
Roxas Boulevard (opposite U.S. Embassy)
Manila 1000, Philippines
t: +63 2 521 5427
f: +63 2 526 6145

We will be interviewing for the following positions:

· Security officer
· Female Lifeguard
· Butler
· Guest Services Executive
· Waiter
· Chefs (commis to chef de partie)
· Guest Relations Executives
· Bartenders

I would be grateful if you could share this message with your colleagues who do not have access to email.

Many thanks

Louisa Saville
Director of Human Resources
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
P.O Box 11416 , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Mail to: mailto:adnan.asghar@jumeirah.com
Visit us at http://www.jumeirah.com/

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A World Without Filipinos

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I was deeply touched after reading this article, forwarded by a friend, written by someone who doesn’t belong to our race but sees the best in us. We should be empowered by his words, we should feel that we are significant, we should hold our head up high and be proud that we are Pinoys, multitalented individuals who proved that anywhere in the world we are viewed as important for the society to function. Without us, the world will be crippled.

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Pets, With or Without It?

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I grew up in the countryside where I am surrounded by different kinds of animals. My Dad loves to take care of domestic animals and it was one source of income for the family. We had a cow named "Baking" and its calf as "Bakiking", I literally witness how Baking gave birth to Bakiking and it was an amazing episode for me. We didn’t have both the cows for long as they are sold after a while. We had a lot of feathered animals like ducks, hens, pigeons and roosters too. Their eggs become our breakfast along with hot pandesal (bread.) Dad raised some hogs and goats too, I even get a chance to clean and washed them and it did not feel like working, it feels like I am playing and having fun.

The best time of my life was when I get to own a puppy whom I named Queenie. She was the prettiest puppy I have ever seen. Queenie would come every single day about a few meters away from our house and wait for me to return from school, as she sees me she would wave her tail to show how excited she was to see me and accompany me home. I had a hammock tied at the two pillars of our house by my mom and I sit there after school to play with her. Eventually she learned how to get on and get off the hammock and it became her resting place when I am not around. One day, she came home very sick, she must have eaten something that made her stomach very upset and in the morning when I woke up she was gone. We didn’t have enough money to take her to the vet and my Lolo was staying far from our house to rescue her from dying. I felt horribly sad and to comfort me, my mom and my dad gave her a proper burial. My dad buried her in the field where he used to take Baking to nibble grass and I put a red gumamela flower in Queenie’s grave and say my final goodbye to a good old friend.

Spot, is another joy of our childhood, she was my brother's dog; she was a beautiful white- and brown spot dog. She lived for nine years and has given my family too many puppies. Every time she gave birth we are getting at least five to twelve puppies, some of them are given as gift to neighbors, friends and relatives who wants to have a pet dog. Some puppies we keep for us to take care of and play with. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, my mom will take the puppies in the market and sell them to support some of our needs.

I had another friend, a feline one; she was named “Muning”. Muning is an orange-white cat similar to Garfield and she was very fat. She’s the one I love the most among other cats that we had. At dinner time she would sit beside me and rub her paws in my elbow to ask for food. When she wants me she would curl up in my lap and murmur. When she wants to play she would rub her body in my legs and circle into me. I used to make fun of her by tying a thread on her tail and she would run after it making her turn around and around which makes me laugh my heart out.

Last May 2009, L and I went to Philippines to visit my mom and meet my sisters’ family before they set off to Qatar. In front of my mom’s house was the house of a friend who owns three puppies, two ducks , birds and a rooster. L was delighted to find these animals in the neighborhood and she watches them the whole time. We even borrowed one of the puppies and keep it in the house so she won’t stay late in the neighbors. I felt the need for L to have her own pet. Child expert says that pets help children to grow and learn. It teaches children to be responsible by acting as a caretaker for a pet; it develops discipline and the importance of friendship and companionship. They provide comfort, increase family bonding, encourage nurturing and keep children healthy. Hmmm :) then my countryside life being surrounded by pets helped me a lot in life.

I feel sad for L that she never had the chance until now to have her own pet. Leaving abroad won’t allow us to have one as it is mentioned at the tenancy contract that it is not allowed to have pets at home specially cats and dogs that might disturb neighbors. We are staying in a flat and it makes it more difficult to get one. L wanted a fish as a pet and maybe that would materialize. A clownfish like Nemo or a flower horn fish will be great. L was eyeing on this flowerhorn fish displayed at the petshop down our previous accomodation.

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A Trip to Dubai Fish Market

For a working mom like me, what to serve for dinner has always been a big question before I go home from work. During my free time, I used to check food websites just to have an idea of what will end up on our dinner table. I have tried cooking a few interesting recipes and are luckily appreciated by my family. There are thousands of recipes available on the net and you just have to chose what will satisfy your tastes buds. 

Here in Dubai, we say that you only have 2 choices, it is either chicken or beef. (it's a personal joke among our Filipino community) For some reason, I don’t want to eat beef and chicken this time so we decided to go to Dubai wet market and shop for seafood. We go there from time to time to add varieties to our home cooked meals. 

The weather outside is bad; it is too hot and humid plus the sandstorm really makes it unbearable but we are already used to it so it won’t really stop us from heading to the fish market.

Dubai fish market is in Deira, from Bur Dubai you have to go through Al Shindagha Tunnel and if you are coming from Deira or Hor Al Anz, you will pass by Hyatt Regency Hotel on your right, cross the signal then go straight and you will reach the access road to the Fish Market before the Shindagha Tunnel. It is opposite of Gold Land Building and Gold Souq as shown in the photo below

I bought more than five kilo of seafood and I think it will be more than enough to satisfy our seafood cravings.

Apart from the joy of cooking the seafood we bought I also took some pictures for you to visualize how a fish market in Dubai looks like. It is totally different from the fish market in the Philippines; there are no tindera, all are tindero and I don't know why. It's probably a ruling from the municipality of Dubai. 

There are two market schedules, one in the morning and one in the evening. The market close for prayer at one in the afternoon to give way for prayer.
You can understand from his expression how hot it is eh?

Scene inside the fish market

Dried Fish Section

An old man napping, passing his time in this 42 degrees temperature

Trucks used to transport goods and commodities

Grains and Beans Section

A mural of the Arabian Sea in front of Fish Market

Outside temperature
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The Innocence of a Child

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I was attending a seminar on personal finance on a Friday afternoon and L. did not want to go with F. to Deira City Center instead she wanted to stay with me at the seminar not knowing exactly where I am going and what I will do. The seminar haven’t finished yet and L. started to feel bored and show restlessness inside the seminar hall and it was quite disturbing to others. I have offered her everything from pencils and paper to food to my mobile phone to play with but all didn’t last. Thank goodness there was another kid in the room and I offered L. to stay outside with her to play. Even when outside and playing with her new found friend, L. would still peep in the door and ask if at what time the seminar will finish. I said to myself that maybe she was not enjoying with her playmate and I think of leaving at the middle of the talk but then on a second thought I do not want to go as it was very informative. I started to become anxious too and make sure that the kids are doing fine playing outside the hall, I keep checking on them every once in awhile.

After the seminar we headed home and I started to view our digital camera and look what I have found...


This is not exactly what I mean of not enjoying. Well they get along well so much and could play with any material available and even make silly faces on the camera.

Making friends for L. comes naturally and easily. She is innocent and do not mind much about her place in the society compared to us adults who always think of how we are viewed or seen by others. It is really fascinating how L. reminds me of the things I already have taken for granted. She once reminds me that time and communication is very important between us and it really makes me break into tears after hearing what she said. After reflecting on her words I realized that yes she was right I have not paid attention to her questions for how many times I could not even clearly remember. From then on I change my attitude towards her never-ending questions and answer them all diligently as it pays a lot to listen to her even though it sounds weird sometimes.

Have you been in the same situation where you were asked by your child and you don’t even know what the answer is? Or have you been told about your behavior towards them then only on that time you realized you are not doing it right?

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World’s most dangerous – UAE drivers - Kabayan Please Take Care!

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Half Blood Chinese

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According to my in-laws my daughter looks like my husband’s grandmother when she was born; F’s grandmother is a Chinese national who married a Filipino. People who know us will agree that F. looks like a Chinese well exactly because of his eyes.For me she looks like my big sister J when she was small and even my sister J. said “is she my daughter? She looks like me!” While growing up, L. started to resemble more like her dad and now at the age of five she already look like me (hurray!!!!Hail to the Queen). The same story goes, my mom has a photo of her at the age of fourteen and when I saw it I told myself that I looked like her and everyone in my family agrees even my mom. I am sure she is proud the same way as I am proud that my little girl looks like me and not anyone else. In the family, I used to hear my sister say that she looks like our dad and me and my bro D. looks like our mom.The reason behind this is the gene that is in our body that we received from them. Their gene tells the body how certain things are to look like, to act, or to function. When you're born, you are born by mixing these genes together, forming a figure(you) which looks, acts, or functions like your parents. This is why if your parents have a genetic disorder, they can inherit it to you. This t is called heredity.
I was not actually well aware that Fs grandma is a Chinese until L was born and I get surprised when I learned about it, then only I understand why F looks like a Chinese. To tell you honestly I really like Filipino men with Chinese features, its Luck.  Speaking of Chinese, I took pictures of the food I cooked for dinner about three or four days ago and I only find time today to post it. I made Chinese Fried Rice, Sui Mai and Shanghai rolls and that is what goes in to our dinner table.

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Growing Numbers of Filipinos in Dubai

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This is an e-mail being circulated recently. I posted it here to give the Pinoys an idea how many Filipinos are in the UAE. We are on the 6th place with 4.3% of the overall population of this nation and contribute daily in nation building as well as building the assets of the Philippine Goverment.
An official public figure in the UAE has revealed data related to the nationality split in the country. With the latest update on the census (2007), the total UAE population is touching 6.5 million people. This represents an increase of almost 70% against the preliminary results (3.8 million) that were published back in 2004. It was not a secret that the Emiratis represent a small portion from the population, the previous estimations were always between 15% and 25%; the below chart shows that it is even lower that the estimates at 13.5% only.
Details of the nationalities as follows:-

Nationality Absolute population%
Emirati 875,617 13.5%
Arab Expat 823,633 12.7%
Indian 2,367,732 36.5%
Pakistani 822,914 12.7%
Bangladesh 589,545 9.1%
Filipino 279,602 4.3%
Sri Lanka 104,623 1.6%
Iran 100,309 1.5%
Nepal 93,4691.4%
Other Asian151,2342.3%
Other African72,453 1.1%
Europe and Australia 134,630 2.1%
North American 41,3540.6%
South American 4,1770.1%

Total 6,493,929 100.0%
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One Special Day

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I turned twenty eight yesterday and I would like to take this opportunity to thank first of all God for giving me another wonderful year and to the people who celebrated this day with me, my collegues at work, my loyal friends and most of all my family. Thanks to my office buddies for the tiramisu cake hmm yum, to all my friends for the never ending birthday messages and greetings and to my family for the gift that I have always wanted but did not bother to buy. As they say two years more and I will be out of the calendar, oh yes but since July is my birthday and July has thirty one on it its going to be three more years before I step out of the calendar. That sounds good. To Ms. JO thank you so much.
I love birthdays, it reminds us/me how special and unique we are. People around us will make all the effort to make us feel special and loved even for one day of the three hundred sixty five days of the year and even the person you hate the most in your place will come and give you a hug. Isn't it nice huh? Thats not all, I love birthdays because of all the gifts you can get, I am not so materialistic but lets face it everyone wants to receive a gift on their birthdays, dont you?
I am not a big fan of perfumes but I like the scent of Alien a lot. It is sexy and the bottle looks so elegant. Thanks F.

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Beef Caldereta

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Way back in college - Mapresko (cool place) is an eatery where I and my friends used to go for lunch and chat until it is time to go back to class. It is our friend and classmate JR who introduce us to this place where we get to hang out most of the time. We never knew who the owner was but everyone was so nice and the servers (ate meaning sister is how we call them) are so cool. I used to order beef caldereta almost every day along with my cup of steaming hot boiled rice. Their caldereta is the best caldereta I have ever tasted until I learn how to cook it on my own.

This is not the first time I cooked beef caldereta but every time we have this dish for either lunch or dinner my little girl would always say Yum. Her praises are always music to my ear because you know how hard it is to feed and please the young ones.

There are so many different ways how to cook beef caldereta and this is my own version.
I used the following ingredients in this caldereta:
1 kilo of stewing beef cut into cubes it is good if there are some visible beef fat with the meat
2 potatoes cubed
1 carrot cubed
1/4 cloves of garlic crushed
1 red onion diced
2 red chilies chopped
4 green chilies sliced lengthwise
1/2 cup of soy sauce
1/4 cup of vinegar
3 tsp of cooking oil
salt and pepper to taste and a little msg.

I do not have peanut butter this time and I do not have time to ask for home delivery so I added pili nuts from the pasalubong (presents) of a friend who just arrived from the vacation in the Philippines. I used my mortar and pestle to crushed and make the pili nuts to become like a paste.

I made it really quick since F. and L. are hungry and waiting. The solution is I took out my pressure cooker for a shorter cooking time instead of boiling the meat.

I started sauteing garlic, onion, red chillis, beef cubes then I added the soy sauce and vinegar. I added water just above the meat and cover the pressure cooker. Let it boil for 20-25 minutes to allow the meat to become tender. I let the steam out of the pressure cooker then I added potatoes, carrots, and the green chili. I let it cook and boil for like 10 minutes and voila my Beef Caldereta is ready to serve with the steaming rice.

It may be a shortcut but the taste wasn't compromised.
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Summer Coolers

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Summer months are here again, it starts from May to September and temperature can rise as much as 50° C. Kidding aside, one can really fry eggs on the road at noontime in this time of the year. Yes, that hot.

People in Dubai prefer to stay indoors and keep cool at the malls or at home. If you are new in Dubai the weather is literally intolerable but it's gonna be fine once you get used to it. Many expatriates and even locals go abroad during this season to avoid the heat. It is the best time too to take advantage of the school summer vacation for expats to go and visit family members back home. 

Well, it is not really bad after all. Dubai has developed quite a lot of good places to go to get entertained and stay cool during summer. 

Summer is also the best time for “summer coolers”. Who said it has to be expensive to get this great tasting treat, all you have to do is have your favorite fruit ready and the rest of the ingredients are usually available in your kitchen. 

You will need the following

Tall glass
Blender (a must)

Mix all the ingredients together. Blend and transfer in a tall glass, add a straw and there you go your favorite summer cooler is ready.

I love strawberries.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals and so I prepare a strawberry smothie for Ferald and Lanna and myself. They just love it, then I pop a dvd and watch a cool movie. Its frugal and its cool.

The froggy straws are from Carrefour, its AED 3.75 each. I am buying only once since it s washeable and reusable. I bought 3 of different styles for me, my babe and my baby. :)
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I'm Yours

This greatest fear has changed my life
I have shared to you what is mine
I have collected "me" from the years that pass
And now I am here like a wholehearted lass

Believe these words from my devoted heart
Commend your trust to this fate we have
From this day on you will be my man
Till the day I die I will be by your side

Never give up when the days are tough
Lets be sturdy when the road runs rough
This is our chance to be as one
Lets carry on with life, now that it has begun
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Cry all your tears and laugh all your happiness
Use all your strengths and empower your weaknesses
Hate nobody and befriend your enemy
Endure life, as it has to be

Never lose hope because it is a promise
That is made in heaven for you to cherish
There are trying times, yes there is
But don’t you quit; it’s just a quiz

Prepare yourself for something new
Care for someone and be true
Discover things on your own
And see how different you have grown

Keep an eye on the keys of life
Follow your dreams and go for what's right
Withdraw all your fears and
Leave the past behind.

Written on February 15, 2003

Written by: Carla Roque
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