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Might Be Second to the Last

Hello there! Salam to everyone! I have been busy the last few days, pardon me for not being so active in here recently. As usual work, work, work and work and family of course. Todays antenatal check up at Al Badae Clinic I had might be second to the last. I am on my 39th week and I can give birth anytime soon. I visited Dr. Amna today in her clinic and had my routine check of listening to the babys heartbeat and a simple physical checking of the fundus size. The baby is now head down, ready for delivery, thanks God hindi magiging suhi ang baby ko. ( Thanks God, the baby will not come out feet first ), if so its going to make the delivery a bit complicated for me. I was adviced to keep taking my vitamins elevit and the calcium supplement. Walking as an exercise will help ease up the delivery and so I was adviced to do so as well. In case I feel any pain or the baby shows no movement, make sure to go directly to Al Wasl Hospital. Yes DOC. I will definitely do that. Our nine months jo

Maternity Wear (Part III)

Hello there! Welcome to Maternity Wear Part III. I am happy with this series that I've come up with. I am hoping that I am able to give you some ideas on how to dress yourself up when you are pregnant. Hopefully I can share more ideas before the big day. Some women feel that they are looking ugly at this period because of so many reasons and that one needs constant encouragement that she still looks beautiful at this time. We ladies always wanted to look charming and sexy especially to the eyes of our partners. I advice those husbands to give extra compliment and show more sweetness to your wife this time that she need the boost of morale. Thank God it's Thursday! Weekend again! Thursday is our jeans day in the office but sad to say, I don't fit in my regular jean size anymore and I am not planning to buy any maternity jeans at all so this is what I wore today. I could not think of any particular outfit this morning but I remember a colorful stripes tank top that Jea

Letter To Dad

Dear Dad, Happy birthday! I love you so much! It's been 10 years since you were gone. You know it hurts too much when we lost you but I know that you are better where you are now-in the hands of our loving God. There are so many things I still wanted to say to you and things that I really wish that we could have done together. So many things that I wanted to learn from you. I wish that you are still here. I know that if you are still alive,life would be different. I wish that you have met my husband and he wishes the same. It would be lovely if you have seen my daughter and my son. I know you are better where you are. It is just wishful thinking. I am sorry if I did not understand well, I was so young. I could have gone home early during those college days so you don't have to worry about me. I am sorry that sometimes I am too stubborn to follow. But I wanted you to know that you are the best dad. If again I will be born I would still ask to have you as my dad. I am and wil

Maternity Wear (Part II)

I was blog hopping in one of my favorite fashion blog and reading about "Maternity Style at 8 Months Pregnant" at . It is really inspiring that expectant mothers like me put extra effort to keep themselves beautiful and sexy even on the later stage of their pregnancy. I love the outfits that Patience stylishly put together for herself everyday even on a very busy schedule. This is the outfit that I have come up for today. It is comfortable, it keeps me warm and the accessories are very colorful, it simply brightens my day. It is not impossible to be fashionable even if you are wearing economical garments, it does not matter if you bought it from a secondhand shop, what's expensive is your style and your sense of fashion and how you dress yourself appropriately in every place and occasion. Have a happy and wonderful day. Cheers! Knitted Top: H&M / Linen Jacket: Karama / Pants: Maternit shop in Sharjah / Accessories: Necklace: Marks and

Maternity Wear (Part I)

I have less than thirty days in my pregnancy and believe me I am starting to grow tired of waiting. You know that feeling when the deadline is near? I have mixed emotions already. :D. The most challenging stage of working while pregnant is corporately clothing a growing belly. Now that I am in the last month and is expecting to pop any time soon, I still wanted to look my best. I really had a hard time working on my maternity wardrobe as I cannot use the ones I had during my first pregnancy, they became old and worn out through the years, my first and second child’s gap is five years, so imagine how long they are hanging out in my closet and even I kept them on proper storage, they still don’t stand the test of time. I did not buy a lot of maternity clothes but what I did is invest on important pieces like good maternity pant/slacks, my sister-in-law hand me down 2 cute little dresses, a large size pants and I used the rest of available pieces in my closet and I survived the

Co-Sleeping With Parents

When to know that a child is ready to sleep on his or her own? Some people believe that co-sleeping is not good for both the parents and siblings. That is not true for my family. My 6 year old daughter still co-sleep with me and my husband, in fact from the day that we take her home from the hospital, she sleeps with us without a fuss, we never even thought of buying a cot or a separate bed for her. She is happy with the set up and so are we. A week ago, she came to me with a piece of paper, she ask me to write the names of the furnitures that she wants for her own room, after that she run along, write something on the paper and gave it back to me. She was asking me to buy those things for her. It was so cute, I lovingly smiled at her and ask if she doesn't want to co-sleep with me and her dad and if she is ready to sleep separately from us? I received a nod with a smile. :D*cute* Now that a new family member is coming, I am planning to ditch our queen size bed for a single be

Maternity Leave in UAE

Every morning when I wake up, I feel tired and exhausted as if I did not sleep during the night. It is but normal to have this feeling as I am starting with the 9th month of my pregnancy. I already submitted my maternity leave and in less than a month I will be giving birth and have a heaping 45 calendar days vacations (cheers to that :P) When we say maternity leave and if you happen to be in this part of the world-Dubai, United Arab Emirates, these guidelines will sure be helpful for you. My company is incorporated under the laws of the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC.) Under the DIFC Employment Law, a pregnant women is entitled to the following: 35 Maternity Leave (1) An employee shall be entitled to a minimum maternity leave of (3) three months if she: (a) has been continuously employed with an employer for at least twelve (12) months preceding the eighth week before the expected week of childbirth; (b) notifies her employer in writing that she is

Enlarged Heart

I started google-ling about enlarged hearts. It is a scary read. I dont want to think about it so I stopped. I can't just sit and wait so I called my mom. She's at my sister-in-laws place. They just checked out of the hospital, my nephew did not want to be confined, the doctor agree to discharged him fearing that his urge to go home and if not allowed might shoot his BP high. Now his back home and resting. Everyone in the family expected to be by his side are there with him. Both the Lolas are there too. Thanks God. Ayun, pinagsabihan ko rin sabi ko bata pa cya for that kind of heart ailment, my sweet Jesus, di ko maiwasan maluha nung kinausap ko cya, unang pamangkin kasi namin cya at mahal na mahal namin ang batang yan. Sabi ng doctor may konting taba na bumbalot sa heart and mabagal magpump ng blood ang heart nya. Please include him in your prayers, I hope na tuluyan macure ang heart ailment ng pamangking ko. Love you Dhin!