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P.F.Changs China Bistro

One of the newest addition in UAE's huge gastronomic venue is P.F. Chang's China Bistro- Americas No. 1 Chinese Bistro opened last May 2010 at Mirdif City Center and the second branch at Mall of the Emirates. It is noticeably crowded every time we passes by this restaurant so I thought that the food must be good in there. It was a perfect time to try P.F. Chang last Friday since it was my birthday. We went to Mall of the Emirates as planned after attending Tagalog mass at St. Mary's Church . Eating at China Bistro is one of our dining options that day and we gave it a try after my brother suggested the place too. As we enter, we can feel the hustle and bustle, it was a big restaurant but was full and hardly no tables available. As I observed while we are waiting for our table to be ready, the diners are comfortably seated, well assisted and look happy with their food.

Things to do in Fujairah

If you are looking for a place to stay in Fujairah during the summer months,  there are a number of hotels that line the beaches like Royal Beach Hotel and Resorts, Le Meridien Al Aqah  Beach,  Fujairah Rotana Hotels and Resorts, Fujairah JAL Hotel Resort and Spa, Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort and Hilton Fujairah Resort to name a few, room rates ranges from a backpackers budget to the most expensive ones and you should eye on the summer rates and promotions of different hotels to get a good deal for your money. These hotels are packed with activities that are customizable according to your request and liking, prices vary depending on the event organizers having their offices in the hotel and some are organized by the hotel itself. Activities include beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, beach soccer/football, billiards, darts tournament, desert safari, giant garden chess, squash, table football, shows at the amphitheatre, archery, badminton, bicycling, bird watching, g

Luha ng Sawing Mangagawa

For those who have loved and lost at sa pakontest ni Iya_Khin Para lang akong Aegis na umuawit ng Luha dahil sa aking pagkabuwisit Makita ko ba naman ang aking misis pangalan ng iba ang sinasambit habang tulog at nananaginip Umuwi akong masaya ngunit lilisan akong malungkot na sapagkat ika'y wala na panaginip mo'y totoo pala Di ko pinakinggan ang mga sabi-sabi nitong aking mga kumpadre ang sabi nila ako daw ay pobre pagkat ginto't dyamante'y di ko na pagaari Masakit ang katotohanang pag-ibig nati'y di naalagaan mula ng ako'y mangibang bayan Ito ba ang kapalit ng kaunting salapi kaya ngayon ako'y sawing sawi? Paunawa: Ang tulang ito ay kathang isip lamang at hindi ayon sa tunay na buhay ng may akda. Ang tema ay sumasalamin sa mga pangyayari sa ating lupunan

Photobook from Witsandnuts, an early birthday present

I would like to thank witsandnuts  (Ms. Jo) for choosing me as one of the recipients of her blog and birthday anniversary giveaway . Also greeting her a happy happy birthday and happy anniversary to her baby Witsandnuts which was featured in Abu Dhabi Week magazine (woot woot) Me and Lauren  are indeed lucky winners. She was giving away two photobooks and to participate, she asks her followers to comment about their birthdays and if given the chance to get hold of the photobook, which photos will they print on it and here is what I have said  I am celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow and this is an advance gift. It is also the first giveaway I got from a co-blogger. Thanks again to witsandnuts, I am sure my mom will be very glad and surprised with this gift. I have received Ms. Jo's e-mail lastTuesday but opened only today, printed the voucher and downloaded the software immediately as I write this post (I am not very excited you know - with big smiles :

Friendster - No Longer a Social Networking Site

I must be in total oblivion when Friendster announced that they are deleting all photos, blogs, and profiles of its members and was due to happen last May 30, 2011 to make way to revamping their website after being hit by the Facebook wave. Where was I on that day? hmmm o_O I was shocked when I went online yesterday to check my Friendster account. I was going to download a photo to use for the article I was writing when I entered to a site completely alien to me although it says Friendster in it. I log in as usual but it prompt me a window with games and not my usual profile with friends testimonials and photo albums. I ask my colleague if she's aware of it.. According to her it's been long time announced. Curious as I was, I searched for it and found out the shocking reality and as I slowly digest the truth in my head, I realized that all those precious photos are gone forever. Well it is not the end of the world for me since many of those photos have a back up but those

The Date Fruit

Have you ever tasted a fresh date fruit? Normally we see processed date fruit at local supermarkets dipped in chocolates or stuffed with almonds and other nuts, they are all tasty but having to taste the fresh ones that does not contain anything on it but just pure riped date is the best. It is naturally sweet and soft and the almost riped ones are crunchy and a bit bitter sweet on the taste buds just the way I liked it. To some it is an aquired taste. They look like our lanzones isn't it?  Date trees lined every road and high way in Dubai and it's an eye pleaser to locals, residents and tourist alike. Ramadan is just right around the corner, it is said to start on August 1 and the date fruits on the date palm trees have ripened and tonnes have been harvested, in the supermarkets there is a designated area only for dates as it is a must to have it in every ones household during the holy month. Locals and Arabs eat dates to break the fast-just like their Prophet M

Falafel & Hummus are made from garbanzos?

I only knew chickpea or garbanzo as sweets served along with sumang malagkit  (rice cake), leche flan (custard) and ube (purple yum) during fiestas in the Philippines. I didn't know that half way around the globe here in the middle east and in other parts of Asia, chickpea is used to prepare several dishes. One of them is the tasty falafel and another is my favorite meze the hummus. Chickpeas are high in protein and considered as one of the earliest cultivated vegetable. Falafel is a good substitute to rice and sometimes when I don't want to eat rice I order some falafel from the nearby Safadi restaurant. It is very filling. Hummus is a meze that I love the most, I can finish a whole plate of it. It is very nutritious, it is a good source of protein and dietary fiber, it is mixed with tahini that is made of sesame seeds making it rich in amino acids and olive oil and lemon. It is mostly eaten with Arabic bread or you can also dip you falafel in it.

Dubai Dolphinarium - Dolphin and Seal Show

Another attraction and a must see in Dubai is the Dubai Dolphinarium located at the Creek Park. It is our first time to watch live seal and dolphin show which is amazingly entertaining and it is also our first time to see real dolphins and seals, they are so adorable and very intelligent creatures. We opt for a Friday morning show but even so the amphitheater is full and all seats are occupied even the VIPs. It is the best time to go because traffic is less and the city seems to sleep until before prayer but I was completely wrong, like us a lot of people also chose to see the dolphins at the most convenient time of Friday - mornings - when public places aren't full and packed yet. The seals show off their skills first. Love it when they flap their flippers And then the main event, five well trained dolphins

Kabayan Restaurant-Satwa Dubai

If you are looking for cheap but pinoy na pinoy dishes then Kabayan Restaurant in Satwa is the place for you. It is a blessing for people working and living nearby the restaurant because the food price is budget friendly. You can have lunch or dinner even breakfast for only ten dirhams and you get to be served with two viands and a cup of rice and drinks included, it really won't break your wallet. We had lunch here once and we are looking forward to dining in again when we visit Satwa nest time.

Shiekh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road-the longest road in UAE (E 11 road)


Me and my husband loves sisig or sizzling sisig , it's a Filipino dish made from pork's head and liver usually seasoned with calamansi/lemon and chili peppers topped with egg which get cooked slowly from the heat of the meat. Pork sisig is not serve in any restaurants in Dubai except those inside the hotel or clubs. I do not know how to make my own sisig that's why we always buy a pack or two of Monterey's sisig whenever we go shopping for pork meat at authorized supermarkets. This one is a bit pricey compared to the ready to eat sisig in can but much more delicious when reheated and prepared. The best sisig we have tasted was Aling Lucing sisig in Pampanga.

That precious mane

Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. ~Shana Alexander Warning: When it comes to hairdressing, better leave it to the professionals. Our scheduled visit to the hairdresser has long been overdue. My daughters long brunette locks and my mane is looking dull and badly needed some TLC. Mica is wishing for a shoulder length that must have been encouraged by the hairstyle of a loved one. She keeps on telling me about it every time she sees a salon. Last weekend, instead of a trip to the hairdresser, I played Ms. Hair stylist and cut her hair shoulder length. It wasn't so bad at first cutting it straight but giving shape to it wasn't so easy after all. In short super-mom-pretend decided to take her little girl to the salon for the much needed haircut rescue before her dad sees what happened to his daughter's precious locks. TGIF and it's four thirty in the afternoo

Slick Yogo - Frozen Yogurt

We were in Dubai Mall a couple of weeks ago and was suppose to watch Cars 2 but the tickets are sold out so we went on window shopping, keep ourselves contented watching people stride on their skates at the ice rink  (Mica can't go because of her injured ankle ) and watch as the fishes, sting rays and sharks gracefully swim inside the mamoth aquarium. On our way to the parking lot after window shopping at Dubai Mall, Mica demanded for an ice cream treat. We are far from the food court but on our way was Slick yogo stall crowded by customers. Mica pointed on the same direction of the stall and ask for ice cream. Slick yogo is not actually ice cream but frozen yogurt and since we both eat yogurt, the idea of frozen yogurt treat is very much welcome. There are a lot of toppings to chose from but it all depends on Mica's taste. She ordered coppa tropicale which is originally topped with mango, pineapple, banana, coconut shaving topped with exotic mango and passion fruit coulis

Agemono - Dubai's JaPinoy Resto

Whenever I think of Japanese food there is just one place I have in mind, it's Agemono , It is a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese and Filipino food (southeast Asian dishes are also available), situated in Karama-one of Dubai's densely populated district and popular hang-out among our kababayans (countrymen). With a perfect place to start with, Agemono benefited in its locale backed up by its delightful, well presented and delicious but affordable dishes on the menu, the relentless and hard working owners opened two more branches later on, one at International City and Al Quoz which only proves that business is up and the food is good promising customers would come back. Filipinos love good food and its just the perfect place for lunch or dinner weekdays or weekends with family or friends. The last time we dine there was two Fridays ago, we had a typical Pinoy lunch at home and dinner was at Agemono. Its Friday and it was seafood buffet, Ferald, Mica and Ate Bebe o

Cars 2 Movie Review

Cars 2  is yet another fantastic movie from Pixar. My daughter was only two when she saw Cars and as she watched the film over and over again (you know kids), we along with her fell in love with it (young at heart-cartoon lovers :)). The much awaited sequel is now showing in cinemas around the city although it is comfortable for us to get a copy of the film and watch it at the comfort of our own home with homemade popcorn and cola which we did last night. Remembering Cars, it was Lightning McQueen who is the center of the story, this time around, tow truck Mater - McQueen's BFF is put to the spotlight. As McQueen accepts confident Italian race driver Francesco Bernoulli's challenge to eat his dust at the World Grand Prix, he invited his BFF tow Mater to see the world. The first stop was Tokyo where cars were sumo wrestling and car parts are available at vending machines, so early McQueen was embarrassed with Maters actions and so the later chew out his BFF who with  lack of f