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Daring Thoughts

Dubai is an open city and people have freedom to do what they want and need to do as long as it won't disturb public order. Rules are rules here, strictly implemented so you don't want to be messing up with anyone of the countries rules and laws or you will end up getting deported to your home country or worst you will land in jail. For most of the thriving expats here, we are already aware of what I have stated above but for new comers it is important for them to know this. Dubai goverment is serious with its rules unlike in any other parts of the world  where some are still able to getaway with the silly things they are doing. In here, every building, establishment and public transport has an intalled camera to monitor people's every move. Why am I talking about these things? I was at the metro station yesterday and I noticed a lot of red buttons scattered in all of the escalators and walkalators. It reads " Emergency Button Penalty for Misuse 2000 Dirhams".

some good food, a romantic comedy movie and a dozen of red roses

Loui's Restaurant and Cafe is perfectly situated in downtonw Dubai at the foot of the majestic Burj Khalifa. Be seated at their fountain terrace and you have the best view of the Burj Plaza, the Fountain and the Burj Khalifa itself. The enormous golden hands at the center of the restaurant are engaging and unique but it gives me a strange feeling that someone is holding the ceiling so it won't collapse. Please pardon me for having that impression or maybe it is really what the designer wants to convey. Did you notice the ceiling, Arabic and english letters are written on it. The place is vibrant and bustling with 90% percent of its diners are Arabs in the company of their friends and family chatting, enjoying and relaxing over good food, tall glasses, Arabic music, aromatic sisha, and board games. The restaurant caters to Lebanese, Mediteranean and Japanese taste. Some of my favorite Japanese foods are maki and tempura. The salmon maki is very fresh, soft and mad

The generous tooth fairy comes just before a child wakes up :D

As of today four of Micas teeth have fallen out already and just a few minutes ago I received a call from her Me: Hi Mica Mica: Hi mommy, you know one of my my front teeth is super wobbly! Me: That’s good, but don’t panic when it snaps alright, just ask for some cold water from your aunt to rinse your mouth so bleeding will stop Mica: Ok mommy bye mommy, I just called you to tell you that my other tooth is falling. Then she hang up. I feel so important at that very moment. I was with her when the first one have fallen out and then the next three. I am not beside her now but she thought of calling me just to let me know. The funny thing was two of her front teeth start to wiggle at the same time last week and the first one of two and fourth in the batch snap out last night while we were having dinner. She was in panic running back and forth. We were giggling at the sight of her; it wasn't her first time anymore. Her dad took the tooth and wrapped it on a tissue pa

Finding beauty in the midst of towering concrete walls

Salam! Its weekend once again, how do you plan to spend your weekend? I just want to share some beautiful photos me and a friend have taken earlier. We found beauty in the midst of towering concrete walls. An almost 100 sqm park perfectly landscaped to provide some greenery for the tenants of the building. Have a nice weekend everyone!

33 Facts About Prince

At 17 months and 3 weeks, my little Prince shows us a lot of amazing things he learned every day. Beautiful memories of his childhood that we will carry in our hearts and cherish for the rest of our lives. He is no longer a baby but a toddler who is hyperactive, overly sweet, clever and always with smiles in his face. It is when a day's work feels worthy for someone who never fails to remind us that the world is a beautiful place to live and life is not just about earning money and work and providing for the family. My little Prince... 1. can now climb a chair, table, his high chair, the sofa to peek through the window, I am glad that your locomotor skills are well developing. 2. sit on a chair 3. follow directions like "close the door", "get your shoes", "push the button" 4. can close the door 5. collect his shoes and slippers from the shoe rack 6. can say single words like hon as in honey - he calls everyone in the house hon, he can utte

Paradigm Shift

Ano ba ang meron ang iba na wala tayo at pinipili nating makipagsapalaran sa ibang bayan? Sabi ng maraming OFW, walang trabaho sa Pilipinas kaya sila nag-aabroad pero kung iisipin mo bakit naman ang ating mga kamag-anak na hindi nangibang bayan, may hanap buhay sa Pilipinas, kasama ang kanilang pamilya at masaya, hindi nahohomesick, hindi umiiyak gabi-gabi, kumakain tatlong beses isang araw at may merienda pa, napag-aaral ang mga anak at hindi naman sila naghihikahos sa buhay? Ang sagot diyan, gusto natin ng mas magandang buhay para sa ating pamilya kaysa sa tinatamasa na natin bago pa tayo umalis sa Pilipinas. Isa pang dahilan ay gusto natin magkabahay at lupa, makanegosyo, gusto natin mapag-aral ang ating mga anak sa pribadong paaralan at mahaba pa ang listahan ng mga gusto natin sa buhay, tama ba? Ang tanong, nagiging mas maganda nga ba ang buhay ng ating pamilya kumpara sa ating mga kamaganak na walang kapatid, ina, ama, kuya o ate na nasa abroad? Oo, maari, siguro ngunit ma

Micas Sports Days

Here I am again never tired of my rants...never mind because my daughter is growing so fast. I don't want to miss any single part of it, it's like documenting every single one of them so she sees and read it here and she know she can rely in every word I wrote here and when she has questions about her childhood she can always ask me or read MYB if I am not around. I wasn't as lucky as her, there were no computers when I was a kid and blogging wasn't invented yet, camera phones are non-existent and even cameras are rare to middle class families in my country. I have few snaps of my childhood on different occasions and I vaguely remember everything that happens to me except for few unforgettable ones and the ones that my mom told me while I was growing up. Let's not take this post to a different level, I just want to share my daughter's stories with you. This is simply about the annual sports day at her school. This type of activity at school teaches children

Mica's colorful and vibrant costumes at schools annual concerts

Every year, my daughter school hold its annual concert where the students showcase their talents in dancing, singing, and acting. It is a much awaited event of the year and we are always excited to see our daughter perform on stage wearing colorful costumes and/or pretty dresses. The students are from many nationalities living in Dubai and so it is a melting pot of cultures, what I like the most is the school puts a lot of effort to incorporate the things students learned in the school to their performances Year after year the concert has different themes and Mica has always been actively participating in the annual concert event of her school This is Mica with teacher Shekina-KG 1 Daisies KG 1 Daisies dancing in the tune of Chocolate Mica and her classmates inside the classroom as they wait for their turn to perform, Elisha was attentively listening to what Mica was saying, God knows what they are talking about, they all look so cute in their shiny colorful India

Project Blue Balloon-Eradicate TB in your community

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is CURABLE . Having stated a fact, still a lot of people have the misconception and people who carry the disease are still frowned upon. How a person can contract or develop TB? TB is passed on from one person to another. The bacteria is put on to the air when a person with tuberculosis disease of the lungs coughs or sneezes. People nearby breathe in the air and become infected. Any one can contract the infection but do not feel sick at all and may develop TB sometime in the future. Any one in our family, friends, co-workers, and people we meet everyday might be exposed to TB. Early detection and proper treatment is the cure and people who are already sick and symptomatic must seek help immediately. TB in UAE  TB is one of the diseases that the UAE department of health here is on the look out for together with AIDS/HIV and Leprosy and once they found out about an expat having Tuberculosis, no residence visa will be issued and the suf

Sharjah Fish Market

Fish market in the Dubai and Sharjah are clean, organized, centralized, do not use digital weighing scale, vendors wear uniforms mostly Pakistani men and ONLY MEN never find any women in the fish market selling fresh fish which I find the latter a bit odd. I already featured here the Dubai Fish Market and now that we live in Sharjah, we now go to the Sharjah Fish Market often, it is opposite the bus station in Rolla area and still a popular place to get the fresh catch.  The fish market gets busy during weekends and a lot of our Pinoy fellas come here too. Some vendors speak the Tagalog names of the fish they sell which they learned from Pinoy customers. This is our suki (patron), my mom said it is always good to have a trusted vendor because you get more discount and sometimes you get more for free. But having a suki doesn't mean that you will be complacent, sometimes some vendors hand are fast in slipping yesterdays stock to your shopper and its too late

Breaking the fast with Alokozay complimentary box

Warning: Post Ramadan Days before end of Ramadan EPPCO Gasoline Station A box was handed over to me by the gasoline boy after he fill our tank full. "Thank you", I said to him as I reached for the box and handed him over a 100 AED bill.  I wonder why would he give me a box of Alokozay tea? then I looked at the time, it was almost time to break the fast and as we suspected and experienced in previous Ramadans here in UAE, motorist are given something to break their fast. The box is complimentary and packed by Alokozay company. Inside is a small cup of water, three peices of date in a triangular box, two different tea flavour, a tissue pack and a blue prayer bead.  thank you!