My Wasel Renewal

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! That was the sound of my phone, old one huh?

I have received a message, I was suppose to ignore it but on second thought maybe one of my family member is sending me an sms so I grab my mobile phone and check. Well its not because its from UAE's telecom provider. I was subscribed to them for like 7 years now. Lets read the message.

From: Etisalat
"Dear customer, to keep your line active without service interruption and to continue enjoying Etisalat services, please ensure to renew your Wasel account before today midnight.

Renew your Wasel NOW with only AED 50 & also get free credit of AED25 upon renewal."

This must be the 5th message I have received from Etisalat since February started, my renewal is due on the 26th of Feb and they make sure that I don't forget it. Sure I will renew, after all I need my pre-paid line to be working 24/7. Thank you for the AED 25 this is good enough to talk to my mom for like 10-20 minutes.

Etisalat has been UAE's telecommunication provider since 1976, they have enjoyed years of monopoly in this country until another telecom provider arise -DU.

In UAE, one cannot obtain an Etisalat number without submitting a passport copy and valid visa or reisdency. I got mine in February 2003 for AED 180 under my sisters' name as I was on visit visa by then. Later on when I have my own visa then I process to transfer it under my name, well of course not for free its AED 50.

I have no complaint about their service, they are very effecient so far. I have also my Al Shamil broadband connection with them and I am happy with it. This telecom company have aquired strategic ways in providing telecom service and good customer relations as well.
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How to Transfer Ajman Drivers License to Dubai Drivers License

If you are a holder of Ajman drivers license and you want to transfer it to Dubai, I have enumerated for you the following steps to follow.

I wrote this to help those people who wishes to transfer their drivers license from Ajman to Dubai.

During my time, I find it hard to figure out how to do it and I have to go to RTA offices three times just to get all the information I need. I tried searching the internet for help but no recourse. I also called RTA offices but I cannot get the right information that I needed through the phone so I decided to go there myself.

I have a Dubai driver's license from the beginning so I don't have a problem however my boss holds an Ajman driver's license and he wants it transferred to Dubai.

How did I do it? Here's how.

1. Get an NOC from Dubai RTA addressed to Ajman Muroor ( its free of charge), you can either go       to Al Barsha Br. or to Deira Br. behind Dubai Police General HQ.

2. Submit the NOC, your original Ajman DL, copy of your passport with visa page to Ajman RTA to     get the NOC from them now addressed to Dubai RTA.

3. Once you get the NOC from Ajman RTA, you must prepare the following documents

Duly filled application with signature
1 passport size photo
Photo copy of passport (along with original for verification purpose)
Eye test paper form authorized optical shops or clinics (visual optics, al jaber optical etc)
Sponsor's Letter

4. Submit all these documents personally to Dubai RTA Licensing Dept.

Note: The person must come personally as photos will be taken even you are submitting a photo already.

The process will only take at least 30 minutes but the time you have to wait will depend on the queue, there is always section for ladies as well. Fees will be AED 210.

Special Note: Dubai does not require blood test to get a driver's license while Ajman and some other Emirates does
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Lance Gabriel's First Time!

I had a detailed ultrasound yesterday at Al Wasl Hospital Obstetric clinic at 12 pm. My husband was not allowed inside the ultrasound room but I came prepared, having my camera with me, ( we knew from the start that he will not be allowed to enter as we were informed during the first ultrasound that it is the first and last that he can come with me inside) but I was able to capture the scanning and he viewed it right after the check up. I am happy that again for the second time, a Filipina hospital staff assisted me, she was very kind, and thanks to her however I am not able to get her name.

She ask me to lay down, lift my clothes up until my whole protruding belly shows up, she put a towel tissue underneath my pants to protect it from the ultrasound gel and even warned me beforehand that it's cold. She took the hand held ultrasound device and started rolling it in my tummy.

I kept my camera handy and I of course asked her permission before I shoot. She tilted the monitor so I can take the video clearly; I zoom in and zoom out until I have the best view.

She started her work and we are done is less than 30 minutes. She even printed for me a copy of the whole fetus so I can show to my husband, it’s for free for me, because if you want a printed copy, the hospital will ask you to pay AED 10, and she said to keep it immediately so nobody sees it. :) I feel that it would be selfish of me not to share to you the video so here is the live ultrsound scanning I-we had.

Today I just came back from Al Badae Clinic where I used to have my regular checkups. I was late and Dr. Amna told me not to come this late as she leaves the health center by 3:00 pm and I arrived at 2:15. Actually, I was not late, I came early on the given schedule but there was no one at the registration counter when I get there and I have to wait for few minutes until the attendant came and get my paper to register. After registration I headed to the gynaecology clinic and it was 2:15 already and so she declared that I am late despite the fact that I am not even with all my explanations. I was not complaining though, because she is a very nice doctor after all.

As usual, the nurse took the stats- weight, blood pressure, check urine and write her findings on my file and in my antenal card. After that I was called to go to the doctors room, lay down again, shirt up and the doctors assitant check the babys heart beat-its normal. Then I was ask to remove my undergarments so they can get a swab for lab test. She told me that I have an infection but these kinds of infection during pregnancy are normal so I have nothing to worry about. She gave me a suppository medicine which must me inserted once in three days. I am only worried that this medicine might give me an itchy feeling because I have experience it during my first pregnancy, it is very uncomfortable. I have to abide by it as I dont want my birth canal to be infected during the delivery since a VIP will be passing from there. :) After swabbing, we are done, she gave me another paper to get an appointment and another for the lab test. My next appointment will be on March 21-better not be late! We are expecting on the first week of April, OMG I can't wait! Do you really think so, di kaya madaling manganak!!! (It is never easy to give birth and will never be.)

I prefer normal birth, even with Lanna, I never thought of going thru the knife, I prefer it the old fashioned way. It is easy to heal and there are not too many restrictions after compare to c-section, you cannot nurse your baby immediately and so many disadvantages. Call me old fashioned but that's just fine with me.

How about you, what was your experience? Did you go under c-section or normal birth, which one do you prefer? For my male readers, what do you prefer for your wifey?
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Blogging since 2005

I never took blogging as a serious hobby until today. I like writing and writing is fun. Keeping an online journal nowadays is normal too.

I didn't realize that I was blogging since 2005. I started with Friendster and have written quite a number of posts. I stop and started with Piczo where I get to design my own site, adding pictures, editing html, writing my own text etc. I have learned a lot from those blogs and I am able to apply such skills in updating Yellow Bells. I named my first blog as Thorn Goblishimmer meaning bringer of riches and wealth while the one with piczo is Myela's Place.

Here are some few interesting topics I have posted since 2005

1. sSuPpErZz EvALiBoDi

2. lEts bE rEaSonAble

3.7 Habits of highly effective people

4. Thoughts to Ponder

5. 4 everybody to read…repost

6. Arachnophobia-Fear of Spiders

7. oVerJoyEd

8. Self Confidence


10. High School Life
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Hearty Breakfast


Many of us forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have so many reasons why we skip breakfast, late for work, I am not used to it, I get stomach upset and a lot more. It needs consistent practice for us to get used to it. Time is also important since you have to wake up early in the morning to cook and eat your breakfast. Sometimes when more sleep is needed, even I skip breakfast but I try to have it in the office for at least five minutes, grab a sandwich or a muffin somewhere to fill my tummy.

I have a grade school daughter at home. She's the one who must eat breakfast in order to perform better in school. Usually, I serve traditional Filipino breakfast to her but on weekends, I intend to be a little bit more creative when serving food to my family. Sometimes it gets boring when you put the same old home cooked meals on the table. I also make sure that they get all the nutrients they need most especially my daughter L.

She is five and her growing years is what's most important for me. When it comes to our little angel, I wanted to be an extra special mom. The light in her eyes and her praises fills my heart with happiness no one can ever imagine. I wanted to post this last Valentine's Day but I only have the time to do it today. The one in the first picture is for her and the second one is for me partnered with a steaming hot cup of coffee. It was perfect.

I was able to get this heart-shape waffle because I have a waffle maker, in case you don't have one, (bili ka! JK) You can opt for a much simple round shape waffle, just like pancakes, use a little of your creativity and imagination, add some fruits on top, butter maybe, jam is a good substitute or fried eggs will do the trick, add tea and coffee to your table and you'll have a wonderful hearty breakfast.

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Ash Wednesday

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It is Ash Wednesday on the 17th of February. It is the first day of Lent counting forty six days (40 days not counting the Sundays.)

Ash Wednesday gets it name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as sign of repentance. The ashes used are after the palm crosses from the previous year's Palm Sunday are burned. It reminds us that we came from ashes and there we shall return.

For those of you who are in Dubai, below are the mass schedule on Wednesday, 17th of February 2010 if you are planning to attend at St. Mary's Chruch.

Morning services: 5.30 am; 6.15 am; 7.30 am and 9.00 am.

Evening services: 3.00 pm; 4.30 pm; 6.00 pm (followed by holy rosary and novena) and 8.00 pm.

How are you planning to spend your Lent, will you be fasting this time?
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Napilitang Bayani Ba Ako?


Ang article ito ay sagot sa tanong ni Nebz sa kanyang entry na "Bayaning napilitan ka nga ba?"

Napaisip tuloy ako. What do you mean when you say napiliting bayani? Literally, napilitang bayani talaga ako?

When my sister gave me an ultimatum na pag hindi pa ako nag-ayos ng passport ko, she will not stash cash to bring me to Dubai. Eh buong family namin at that time nandito na. While I am enjoying my freedom in the Philippines hehehe :). Wala akong nagawa kundi sumunod. Of course I also wanted to live with my family and be with them. Medyo lugi nga lang ang kapatid ko kasi after landing a job here in Dubai, pagkatapos lng ng ilang buwan, nag-asawa na ako. It was difficult at the beginning but they've accepted it later on. Wala na naman kasi sila magagawa, nandiyan na yan.

Bayani? Up to now it is still vague to me what is the real meaning of bayani when you use it to define an OFW. Ang concept ko kasi ng bayani ay yung sinauna pa. Ung pang kina Dr. Jose Rizal pa at Andress Bonifacio.

Kidding aside, I have been in Dubai for over seven years now and hindi ko pa naranasang bumoto as OAV. Kapag kasi ibinalita sa Balitang Middle East, tapos na ang registration (sisihin ba ang media?). Sa totoo lang di naman talaga ako nage-effort na malaman kung kelan ang simula at hanggang kailan ang registration kaya hindi kami nakakapagpa-register ng asawa ko. Hindi ko rin alam baka mamaya may gumagamit ng pangalan ko sa Pilipinas para bumoto. I am not saying na proud ako (dahil I am not), na hindi ko ginagawa ang tungkulin ko bilang isang Pilipino. Ang gamitin ang aking karapatan upang magkaroon ng pagbabago ang aking inang bayan but "what to do yanih" tapos na po ang registration and there is no way to register. All I ca can do now is to serve as a watchdog, kung ano ang mangyayari sa May 2010 Elections.

Magsusuri pa rin ng mga kakandedato at aalamin kung sino ang karapat dapat. Eh sino nga ba sa tingin nyo ang karapat dapat? Sa hinaba-haba ng election history sa Pilipinas wala pa akong nakitang Presidente na nakapagpaangat ng ekonomiya ng bansa.

According to Wikipedia, since the end of World War II, the country's economy starts to deteriorate from one regime to another. However I have noticed that who ever supplied this information to Wiki about GMA is somewhat biased, as it is evidently showing growth during her administration while a slowdown during the past administrations. I am not an economist nor a financial analyst but by just looking at the numbers, I can easily understand that the Philippines, despite all efforts, is going down the drain, behind all other emerging South East Asian countries.

In case I was able to register and vote on May 2010 Elections, I still have to wait and see if something will change. Kung si Noynoy ba ang manalo, will he be able to raise the lifestyle of the poverty stricken Filipinos? Kung si Villar, will he be able to give decent homes to many? I don't know but as an OFW, I will do my share. I'll keep sending cash to the Philippines para makadagdag sa annual OFW remittances na malaking tulong para sa ating bansa.

Does that make me a Hero? I don't think so.

*art photo supplied by denissomoso-photobucket*
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Self Portrait-Pieces of Art

My work requires me to visit Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Government Services Office from time to time as I have to accompany people for visa application and medical test as well as submit important company related documents at the DIFC ROC.

At DIFC, many art pieces are being exhibited and this time I have notice these cute paintings entitled "self portrait" that lined up the walls of the government office. These are art pieces created by Mohammad Orabi a famous artist from Damascus Syria, you can peek more of his art pieces at Ayyam Gallery

"His portraits are at once reflective of his fascination with one's childhood experiences as they are investigations into the human spirit"

The artwork look so naive, I stared at them several minutes and travels back in time to hark back to my own childhood memories.
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Your Special Day

Four members of my family celebrated their birthday in Jan and Feb, everyone has a special place in my heart and I would love to have a special place for them here in Yellow Bells.

January 23 - My Honey

January 26- Kuya Jho

February 1 - Ate Dhe

February 3-My Benjo

I Love you Guys, We love you, Happy Birthdays and many more to come.
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5 Ways to Win a Man's Heart

Updated: 14/3/2013

It seems that my previous post  “8 Ways to Break a Man’s Heart.”  (that I deleted) did not generate much reading attention, I realized that it is mean and not worthy to be posted up here. On a positive note here are my 5 tips on how to win your man's heart.

I am not playing doctor love here, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and as a pre-Valentine post, here are 5 simple ways to win the man of your dreams or make your husband fall in love with you the second time around. In order to do this you must at least posses characters that men love. All traits or just a combination of these would help make your relationship work. Understanding, kindness, thoughtfulness, strong personality and an inch of sense of humor. Men are also impressed with women who can whip up a tasty dish, stays fit, adventurous and fun loving or a daredevil just like me. My husband used to say I am his adventure buddy and he never had someone like me from his past relationships. See what I mean?

For you to win his heart you may follow my list, it works for me, I know we are all different but when it comes to the idea of pleasing your man, I think we are all the same. Of course there are a lot more ways to win a man's heart but I feel that these work wonders.

1. Become a friend and be a good listener - men don't talk much but when they do, listen. Even already married, keep that friendship for you know that your husband is also your best buddy.

2. No one wants a boring partner, talk and make sense with a little bit of humor

3. It is always true that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Learn to cook even at least his favorite dish, when a hearty meal is serve, a man has the appetite not only for food but for a good conversation.

4. Men enjoy good sex. Experiment with him in the bedroom. What I observed among failed relationship or marriages is when sex life gets boring, men try to find someone else to play with. Try some other positions or ways of love making. Be playful and use your imagination. Don't be afraid. This point is for married couples I must say.

5. Keep a clean house or tidy up your dwelling at least. Men who are ready to settle are looking for a woman who can do all the housekeeping and still look pretty and sexy all the time.

I hope that you find this simple tips helpful and easy to follow.
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